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Rear Suspension Setting

Just curious where everyone has their T-Bird's rear suspension set (1-5)?

I rode my new purchase home from the dealership last weekend (210 miles) solo and it was set at 1, and through the hills and winding roads of SW/W Iowa it felt really nice. I have yet to have my bride ride with me, but on a whim I changed the setting to 3 and went for a 40 mile jaunt this evening and it felt far more stiff, almost uncomfortable. True, the bike is still very new to me and perhaps I just need to learn it more and maybe the bike needs to "break in" a bit, but 3 seemed quite a bit different than 1.

I'm 6' 1" and 250 lbs, my bride is 5' 11" and 170-ish, am I going to need to put it at 3, 4, or 5? I much prefer a smoother ride and if I can get by at 1-2 and not 4-5 to keep a smoother ride I'd like to. I know what the manual says, but I like to hear it from the experienced more so.


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