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Boredom is a state of mind. Don't throw out a really good bike while under the voodoo spell of boredom. There is no law in Virginia that I know about that keeps a rider from having TWO (or more) motorcycles. Try to find yourself a good poker ride for a good charity or just plain fun. Take a trip to somewhere you have been meaning to ride. Take along a camera so you can refresh your mind with the sites you saw. You might look up a few local, small motorcycle events in your area. Most motorcyclists do not bite, nor do they have rabies. Hell, a lot of them are just plain friendly and like to ride too. It is always nice to meet some new folks who share your enjoyment of the ride. I would put a little less stock in continuing to buy new things as a means to relieve boredom and spend more time finding out what you really enjoy doing, and then do it. Some of the best solo rides I have had were where I had just an inkling where I wanted to go, no specific time table and took time to smell the roses, sights and sounds and meeting new people, resting when I felt like it and riding with the wind wherever it carried me. My sense is you have a pretty good, powerful and comfortable motorcycle and to throw it out might result in a little regret. The Thunderbird for me is a keeper, and I do not find many of these motorycles that I want to keep long term.
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