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Originally Posted by pedal2metal View Post
Daycruiser, did you fill out a test ride request from the main web site and/or called their headquarters in Atlanta to figure out how they expect someone to buy their bike without taking a test ride...?
Yes I did all that, even followed the truck around a little but they were so booked it wasn't going to happen. Not everybody that signs up for a "test ride" is at all interested in buying one. Many I watched were HD owners checking out the competition. They send out your contact info to the dealers in your area to see if a dealer can accommodate you with a test ride, what they really do is call you to see if your ready to buy. "Sorry no we don't have a demo bike right now, but you'll love it anyway so come on down and see what we have and make an offer". How many times did I hear that. Getting a demo for HD was EASY, I could have ridden an HD all day, only problem is I dislike HD and don't care to ever own one. I like Victory and could have gotten a demo ride on a XRoads no problem. Price was the issue with Victory, If I'm not willing to pay the price I'm not going to bother ridding it. Just wasting everybody's time then. So, the specs of the TBird met my expectations and I liked what I did see with close inspection of floor bikes and then shopped a 400 mile radius and bought the one I liked at the best price I could get in that radius. As I said, love it so far. If that changes it's gone and on to the next one.
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