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Originally Posted by paulfun View Post
If your not finacing it I would assume you would need to secure a notorised sale transaction before paying his loan off. That way he cant wiggle out of it when the title shows up by claiming you didnt buy it.
I do belive if you finance it your bank will make the payment directly to his bank but not sure on the specifics of the title transfer.

Best bet is probably to contact his bank and ask what needs to be done.

here is the contact for freedomroadfinacial I think they are the most used by triumph dealers at least here in the US 1-866-455-7623
Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'll call them and see what they say. At this point I am leaning towards just paying cash so I don't have to mess with a loan...but I will still need to make sure I get the title after the fact. Hopefully it works out, as it sounds like the deal would be beneficial for both he and I.

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