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Need some advice on buying a used Storm from a private party.

So I have located a potential Thunderbird, it's a 2011 Storm and the guy just wants to get out from under it. I'd essentially just be paying off his loan, which is through Freedom Road.

I've never bought a vehicle from a private party before, where they still had a loan...any advice on the easiest way to go about it? Would I basically give him the money, in a cashiers check made out to his lender...her gives me the bike and a bill of sale...and then he mails me the signed over title when he gets it? Or, is there a better, safer way to do it?

I haven't decided if I am paying cash, or financing it myself...I imagine that if I finance it, things become even more convoluted? Or, can the finance companies work together, where my bank just pays his bank off and then his bank mails my bank the title?

Any advice is appreciated. Hoping it works out, as it would be a good deal for both of us.

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