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Originally Posted by paulfun View Post
So let us have the info needed to help you better. How long have you been rideing? what have you ridden? have you had any professional training? Do you have good long term riders to help you along the way? If so what bikes have they recomended as your first bike?
Thanks for the great insight paulfun!

I used to ride all the time when I was back home in India; started in 1997 and ended in 2006 when I came here. I had a vespa there as well as a 125cc bike (which is pretty standard for the subcontinent). Been in the US since 2006 and have not driven a 2 wheeler here but every time I go back, I do.

Driving a bike in India is a tough deal. Throw in over crowded streets, no-lane rule, rash drivers, and it is nothing less than an ordeal in the hot weather. I've never met with any accident or even come close. Knock on wood.

I am starting the Motorcycle Safety Program next Monday, May 14th that ends on May 20th. It will be on a Suzuki GZ250. I don't have any intention of going on a test ride before I complete this course and learn defensive driving.

I guess the size of the T-Bird is overwhelming at first; especially for someone who has never seen a cruiser up close. But my first bike here is going to be either a T-Bird or a Storm. Period.
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