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When I went to look at the thunderbird they talked to me about the bike for 10 min then offered a test ride wich at first I declined because I didnt have my helmet/jacket or gloves in my truck. They professionally persisted by offering me the use of the nessasary gear and explaining they have to put so many miles on the bike anyway and they would actually like my feedback on it being I am a long time rider. It worked! Within 5 miles on the storm I knew I wanted a thunderbird with the 1700 kit installed and after returning from the compleete test ride they suggested wich was way more miles than anyone has ever recomended before and covered some of my favorite roads in that area, I realised the test ride is probably the most important thing they can do to sell a bike as it moved my planned purchase time frame forward by at least 8 months and gave me the ability to compare it fairly to the other bikes I was eyeballing. Within 2 weeks of it I purchased my Silver/black 1700!
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