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No test rides from dealers in MD for 2012 Thunderbird Storm...

I went to 2 dealers today in Maryland to check out the 2012 T-Bird Storm; I'm seriously impressed by the bike and considering buying it. The first one in Baltimore had the matte black bike but hardly gave any information on the bike and seemed completely disinterested. He informed me that getting a test/demo ride on the Storm was a no-go since they are not given a demo bike from Triumph. The manufacturer usually does a demo truck for its dealer but the guy told me that this year Triumph isn't even doing that. I did sit on the bike but since it was on a side stand, I didn't get a feel of the actual riding position.

The second dealer didn't have any Storm model. They were getting a matte black bike in 2 weeks but no idea of the gloss black (the one I want to see and hopefully buy). Also told me a test ride on that bike was not going to happen. I asked him if I could test ride a regular Thunderbird (since they had one on display) but was told that some guy was in the process of finalizing the deal with them so they couldn't allow it.

I love the bike, especially after reading the feedback of actual owners here on this forum. But a no test ride might prove to be a deal breaker.

Any help on how to get around this problem would be appreciated.
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