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Michelin Commander 2

Originally Posted by paulfun View Post
Well I finally decided to order a Michelin Commander 2 for the rear and try it for this year. The front metzler looks like it should make the summer so I figure this will get me threw and maybe next year I will have more choices when its time to replace them both with a matching set.
A lot of us have been looking for the elusive set of tires for the Thunderbird that also get decent tire mileage. Michelin did well with this tire and I was willing to give it a go. It will probably take a good 100 or even 200 miles to get the slick surface down on the sides of that tire, fresh out of the mold. I got 6200 miles out of the last rear Metzeler and no more than about 6500 miles out of any of them. Great, sticky tire, but a new tire every 6k or so is just not in my future. Got a couple thousand on the Michelin now and the tire seems to get even better as I get more miles on it. If Michelin got bombarded with requests for a front 120/70/19 tire, they might ramp up and offer one in their line. I do not like to mix tires, but cannot afford to support Metzeler forever. The treads are deeper on the Michelin and it does very well on water. Took a couple of trips with rain and almost needed to swim on one of them. So far, so good.

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