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If you eliminate the CAT, and install Hogslayer pipes, British Customs actually weighs the components and you lose 13 pounds. However I have a different view on the bikes weight. This is a NEW bike - designed from the ground up - so everything was taken into consideration, and something you don't want to mess with too much is the science behind the bikes weight distribution. I personally love the weight - huge gusts of wind, no problem, sticks in a corner at 80 mph, and I don't worry about drifting into the ditch. Part of owning a cruiser, is the weight, and embracing the weight. Don't like the weight, Thunderbird is only 740 lbs wet, then maybe cruisers aren't quite what you want...yet. If you want it faster - get the 104cc kit and have it dyno tuned with a power commander - the power will be quite pleasing to you!


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