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I'm almost at 8,000 miles - and not looking forward to the 12K service myself. I haven't called the dealer to get an estimate. However I will probably hit my 2 year mark before the mileage which means my bike will be out of warranty. My local dealer doesn't every have a Thunderbird in stock and the times I bring it in they seem surprised to see one - doesn't do anything to build my confidence in their service abilities. There is a local motorcycle pro shop that has gained my trust - and I'm thinking of just handing the maintenance schedule over to them and letting them do the service. Another option I've read on here several times is if you are considering the 1700cc kit - 12K is the time to do it as most of the labor costs for this service would be absorbed in the upgrade - almost makes the 12K service free - if you look at it from doing a 12k service and then later a BB kit...

If anyone has done the 12K service at the dealer, would love to hear the US dollar amount. thanks!


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