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Originally Posted by xmikex View Post
I just got a new t-bird storm ABS today!!! I wanted to take some time out and thank you guys on this forum because you did play a part in my decision. I did a lot of research and test rode a lot of bikes before doing this because I wanted a great bike that didn't have any compromises. I can remember when I first got a harley sportster back in 06 and after my first real ride I was very dissapointed in the bike. Today after my first real ride on the triumph other than the demo rides I couldn't be happier. This bike just outshined harley, victory, and the metrics. Thank you all and I will see you around.
Just noticed you are in CA - what part? PM me if you don't want it public. If we are anywhere close to each other maybe we can meet up on a RATPack ride sometime. I'm always looking for fellow Triumph's to ride with.


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