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Thanks for the reply Ducman -- exactly what I thought but I was advised to do so by a mechanic at a Triumph dealership in NC. Prior to calling the dealership (where I bought the bike) I followed the directions given in the owners manual and even after applying considerable force to the adjustment collar with the supplied wrench I could not get it to move in a clockwise direction to increase the tension from 1 to 5. I told the mechanic I had a lift table and a floor jack but neither would lift the rear end as he described to make the adjustment. He advised that they utilized specialized lifts -- which prompted my question here. I considered using a cheater bar on the wrench for extra leverage but it just doesn't seem like that should be necessary. I cannot find any kind of lock nut on the rear suspension to loosen. I guess I will leave well enough alone for now. Unfortunately the dealership is 3.5 hours away!!
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