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Originally Posted by dickiefrank View Post
Hey Y'all;
I'm looking at a Storm. No surprise there huh. The one thing that has me a bit concerned is the seat height. It's listed at 27 1/2 inches and with me at about a 28 inch inseam at 5'8" that has me a bit concerned. I've done my version of a "by the numbers" analysis where I plot out my "choices" (in this case a bike) based on measurable criteria and then add up the scores. My criteria included price, enigne size, trasnsmission, fuel tank capacity, mpg and seat height. The Storm scored in second place behind, of all things, the Victory Vegas 8-Ball. However, in reading reviews of both, the Storm sounds like it scores way ahead of anyone else, including the 8-Ball and Night Train. One reviewer even wrote "All thatís just to say the 1700cc Thunderbird motor flat-out embarrasses the other two"...and in reading further quotes from the riders included "The Triumph was truly triumphant in this shootout and only lost minimal points in the overall styling department, as it just didnít have much that set it apart from other black production cruisers. Still, I thought the Triumph truly gave me the most bang"..."The winner is the Triumph for me. My arms always felt nicely positioned and comfortable. Itís my favorite riding position. It also possessed a smooth running engine, with not a lot of vibration—and the engine has SUCH a great sound to it. Plus the Triumph just handles beautifully. What more could I ask for?!" and..."is it really about the best-functioning bike here? Hands-down, that would be the Triumph, with an enviable combo of sweet motor and snappy handling" question to any of you is "given my height and inseam, are any of you close to those same dimensions and if so, how did the Storm 'fit" you?"...from alot of the reading, the rider positions are most suited to me on the Storm as I have somewhat short arms and legs for my frame BUT...I'd like some input from anyone willing to offer. Thanks for reading and any responseyou may offer. Rich.—
Here's a link to the article for anyone...

It's sound as if you have to take a test drive. I suggest that you do that then decide.

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