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Originally Posted by Daycruiser View Post
I hear ya, I've been skeptical of using it for a long time. I have no desire to spend $600-800 on a Zumo that I don't need most of the time. Garmin's iPhone resident map set should solve the issues you had using on demand maps. I'm more concerned about the screen size more than anything but my hope is the voice turn by turn will compensate for that. That's the other thing about the Zumo is the small screen size for the large bucks. That thing should have not less than a 5 inch screen for that kind of money. Garmin is picking pockets with the Zumo. The Garmin I was using isn't BT compatible with headsets so I can't use that otherwise it was great with the 5 inch screen. I have a direct wire kit for the iPhone so I'll give it a try and if it works great if not then I'll figure something else out.
I'll break down and try the Garmin app. I too do not want to layout a pocket full of cash for something I will only use a few time a year on long trips. It is nice to get lost once in a while and discover a new road or two. The screen on the iPhone mounted on the adjustable RAM mount arm get the phones face closer to you when you need it. I can see it fine but the map refresh was driving me nuts! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll try the iPhone with the Garmin app and give it one last try.


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