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Originally Posted by linkdog View Post
Have you tried leaning?
I play in the turns more often than not and I dont ***** foot it! No chicken stripsat all and I have worn the feelers down to nothing already. I do use the bike for some slowwer rides with the other half on board and some of those rides dont get out to the edge of the tire as much as I would prefer. BUT 12,000 miles Holly S___!! As stated by joeperry I haver never gotten that many miles on a bike tire myself.

I really dont mind having to change the rear out at 6 or 7 thousand miles BUT at the cost of the metzler ?? If a tire for 130 to 150 bucks can do 6 or 7 thou and hold the bike in the corners it would be much more cost effective and I will simply buy 2 rears and a front and have the second rear ready to go when I need it. That should get me threw the summer as I doubt I will have the time to put more than 12,000 miles on this year.

I was hopeing more people had experimented with other tires and we had more feedback on how long the others held up before I started guessing at it.

Right now my short list consists of the pirrelli night dragons, Avon storm ultra 2, avon avz2 cobra, michellene commander 2 and the bridgestone you mentioned earlyer. I dont mind having to run a tire in 200/55 or mixing the front and rear brands but prefer a matched set when possible.

Right now the perelli night dragons are looking tempting- I could buy two rears and if they do 6k each they will save me something like 155 bucks compared to the metzler for the same milage.

Anyone run them yet?
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