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Angry Factory Triumph Saddlebag brackets

What the heck is up with these brackets?? I purchased the factory hangers from my dealer, cause it seems it is virtually impossible to find proper fitting aftermarket ones, and downloaded the installation instructions. My dealer sold me the A9528030 brackets. I told him I have the removable backrest and he said this is it. When I read the instructions, it doesn't say a F#$%in word about the backrest or how to install on the pivots for the backrest. Do I have to guess? Am I missing some info somewhere? Is there another kit I have to buy? That my dealer does NOT know about!!! I cannot seem to find any info on this. I like my TBird but trying to find info on stuff for Triumph is like dealing with the Secret Service or Dept of Defence!!! Can anyone shed some light on this matter? I just want to install my saddlebags. And one other ?. Are these brackets supposed to swing out or something like that? They kinda seem like overkill if they don't. I am going to go mix myself a drink.
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