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Originally Posted by BMK9251 View Post
Thiels Wheels in Upper Sandusky has a few 2011's on cycle trader. They are within driving distance. Why not see what they would offer you on a trade. Don't forget in Ohio you save on sales tax when you trade.
I'll check those out, I ride to Thiels every so often, they are about an hour and a half away from me. Problem is, they will only give me like 4k in trade from what I remember...I had looked into it a bit last year. Looking at NADA and KBB, I think I could get closer to 6k selling it myself. I'll look into it though. Still trying to decide when exactly I want to put mine up for sale...I'd hate for it to sell really quick and then I spend the Summer trying to find a Thunderbird, but that may be what happens just because everybody looks to buy in Spring and sell in Fall.
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