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I think I have finally decided to pull the trigger.

I've had my Bonnie for a couple years now, and I love it...but I've always wanted a Thunderbird. I've toyed with various ideas...Tiger 800...modify the crap out of my Bonnie...etc, etc...but I always come back to the Thunderbird eventually. It's the bike I've wanted since the minute I saw it, and several test rides have only backed up my feelings.

So today I ran some numbers, and I think I am going to put the Bonnie up for sale. I've been watching for a while now, and there are some good deals on used, low mile Thunderbirds out there. If I sell the Bonnie, I'll be ready to move on something when I find what I am looking for. I almost picked one up last year, and I've been kicking myself ever since for passing it up. Turns out a forum member bought it. Anyway, I don't want that to happen again, so I think the Bonnie will be going up for sale in the coming weeks, so I'll be ready.

That's all...pointless post...thanks for listening...

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