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Most of us darksiders have big bore bikes 1800 plus and over 800 lbs. it's not to be cool or cheap, we can't get any decent mileage out of our tires.iI have a rocket3 t it eats rear tires like breath mints 4 to 6 k is all your gonna get .thanks to metzer and there garbage tires we don't have many options theres Avon but soft compound about 4 k on that.i like the darkside it works for me,as far as I've read on this thread most of it is just opinions of which is wrong.I've been riding 47 yrs. I get it,when you go to the darkside you have to adjust your body weight to the tire pressure until you find the " sweet spot " then the bike will behave like a bt. Btw I wouldn't run a ct on a thunderbird the bike is to light and doesn't make the power the big bore cruisers do ...just my 2 cents...sandman
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