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Originally Posted by Deanno View Post

I'm about to sell my 2010 America so that I can afford to buy a TB Storm. I'm starting to miss the America even before it's sold. Do any of you TB riders think I'll regret selling my America for a Storm?

Well, I'm a bit late to this thread, so you may have already pulled the trigger.

I have both a 2007 America and a 2010 T-Bird. I am getting ready to sell the America so I can pay off the Bird. It's been great having both bikes for 2 years, but it gets harder and harder to justify paying taxes on and insuring both of them, particularly when I am still paying off the Bird.

I hate selling the America, it's like cutting off my left arm. I wouldn't sell it on the open market, but a buddy of mine has been harassing me to sell him the America since I first got the bird, and he just upped his offer $1,000.

I told him a couple of days ago that I would sell it to him if he committed to getting on it and riding with me to Glacier park and riding the road to the sun. As soon as he gets financing, the bike will be his. I'm savoring a few last rides on it before it goes away, but I have had the Bird for two years and the America for four years, and the Bird has more miles on it - if that tells you anything.

Pull the trigger, get on the Bird, hit the open road, and don't look back.

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