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Originally Posted by rockenrobert View Post
There seems to be a lot BS talk on using car tires on a TB. Until you have put some miles on one, car tire on a bike,how do you know? Car tires are not for everyone, but for those that ride a lot and don't want to spend time and money changing motorcycle tires,the better handling, less costly, better riding car tire is the way to go.
Aside from the "I'm a Cheap Bastard" argument, what is the advantage? They look "Cool?"
Better handling? I seriously doubt it. A friend of mine had a chance to ride a Rocket 3 with a car tire. He said it cornered like ****. This was in town. There's no way I would take it anywhere handling might actually matter.
Better ride? If it won't turn, why would I care if it's cushier. T-birds aren't exactly harsh.
Does anyone honestly think they will work better than a properly designed motorcycle tire? It's all just an attempt to justify being a cheapskate.


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