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The problems you've noted are insamountable when compared with the bike overall..

The engine coolant leak, I had as well, If its a hose? tighten the clamp.

If its from the rear of the motor directly underneith the cylinders at the manifold (as mine was) Im assured By the mechanics (at BikeBiz) that its only the silicone lubricant that is put on the gasket on manufacture. It gets hot and seaps. It can be ridden with no problems till the 1st service, then they'll tighten it... Mine has never re-leaked since.

What engine doesn't make some noises?? I used to have a Yamaha SVX650A and it sounded like an asthmatic, whining child with a tick..... My Storm makes a "deep low ticking sound" but im sitting on 1700CC...... Otherwise shes glorious...

The belt ware is a new one to me, but the belt has a 100,000k rating. Not even Harley boast that....

Life's a gamble....

Give one a ride, I'm STILL SMILING.

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