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Question Sparking Titanium Draggers

Sparking Titanium Draggers
I own a 2011 Rocket 3 Roadster and I have been looking for Titanium Bank Angle Sensors. Those are the little guys on the end of your peg that touch the ground if you lean over far enough.

What is interesting about these is they emit a trail of sparks as you drag your pegs.

Anyways, I wanted to gather if anybody else was interseted in these things. If you scrape already, these titanium ones are bigger and will last longer than your current scrapers. I will probobly end up drilling and tooling a new hole in my pegs just to fit some the manufacturer already makes, but I would rather just buy a size that will fit in the pegs hole as a direct replacement.

By the way, I am from chicago, I live in Germany and next year Ill be in England (my bike should feel at home there!).

I wanted to know if the little bank angle indicators on the end of Thunderbird pegs were 8mm x 10mm with 1.0mm threads. Since I think there is more thunderbird guys that scrape pegs over rockets.
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