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Originally Posted by sgnden View Post
Yeah, I sure prefer to build a solid relationship with people doing good business. Sadly, I can't think of a single instance where working with a dealer of any kind (cars or bikes) didn't leave me feeling like I was fighting slimy tactics behind the scenes...for what? A few hundred bucks?

As long as any of the local guys are within $500 of the lowest OTD quote, they will get my business.

Looking forward!
I like the idealism but I've never had a bike dealer come to the table. I have a Honda dealer 2 miles from my home, use to hang out in the dealership before deciding I wanted a new Goldwing Airbagger a few years back. Talked to the sales manager showed him my DL to prove I was his neighbor and wanted to purchase from them for convenience and to support a local business. I told him I had shopped around a couple of states and asked for his best deal. No problem he said, he wants my business.....He came back with full retail on the '08 GL1800 Air Bag. I went 90 miles south and paid $3K less. My T-Bird, dealer 4 miles away same thing, full retail. I went 350 miles north and paid $2.5K less. Screw 'em.
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