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Welcome to the wonderful world of Triumphs. By all accounts, professional and hobbyists, the TBird is a wonderful bike. I neither own one nor am planning on purchasing one since I'm very happy with my Bonnie. Prior to purchasing my Bonnie, I had no experience riding a bike. I took the MSF course before purchasing the Bonnie. And for the first two thousand miles, I took it easy. Every time I was tempted to push the limits, I pulled over and took a break. After the first 2k, I started experimenting and started expanding my skill set. My point is, the better you learn your bike and how it behaves, the safer you're going to be on it. Everyone here who's suggested that the first bike should be a small displacement, light and easy to maneuver is right. However, it seems that is not an option for you. Just be careful and take your time.
I'd sure you're going to enjoy the TBird.

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