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Riding on the dark side is one of those never ending threads. I know some riders who swear by using a car tire on their bikes. One rides all winter in NH in snow storms with a Suzuki DL1000. The problem with saying normal riding is that in normal riding bikes lean to turn or go around curves. As soon as that happens, the car tire starts to leave the pavement and doesn't have the profile or side wall of a bike tire. In straight line riding, sure, there is more contact patch. Many do it so for them it's fine even if they have to deal with some handling issues. There is a previous thread that shows a car tire on a Rocket III with a camera aimed at the tire while riding. I'll have to find it. Another consideration concerning tires is how the rear matches up with the front.

Here's a video of a Rocket III with a car tire. Also check the video on the right column, 4th from the top at this Youtube site. Many comments to read from viewers. For every rider who says car tires are for idiots, there is one that actually uses them who says otherwise.

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