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Originally Posted by Buckwild2506 View Post
well if no one else will say it I of now I regret it!!! should have seen it coming the day I picked it up. the common anti-freeze leak started at the dealer before i got it started for the very first time. two hours later took it home to find it still leaking. and any and all other t-bird related failures for the next 2500 miles. it is currently in the shop waiting for a part, one month and counting. see the thread "should have bought a harley" and think long and hard before buying. some say its the dealer but there are very few options in that department. I am going to give this bike another chance to see if it is worthy, if it fails its for sale!!! just my 2 cents
I commented on the other thread and in most cases with cars, bikes or anything else the dealer can make the difference. I will give you one thing, I've been trying to get a front brake hose for my SE for over a month now and still nothing from Triumph USA or UK. The local HD/Triumph dealer is trying to get the hose and they sat on the phone with Triumph USA for nearly two hours one day while I was there trying to figure out the hose issue when risers are installed. My regret is putting the Rivco risers on with out first finding or custom make the correct front brake hose for an ABS Bird. The biggest issue I can see with Triumph or many other non-mainstream foreign brands is parts availability, OEM or Aftermarket. The best thing about the Asian bikes and even HD is you can practically get parts at Walmart for them.
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