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Yes and No

I put a new Michelin Commander 2 on the rear of my SE A1 Thunderbird 1600. So far, so good. This tire is a 200/55/17 V-78 tire and fits the larger 1600/1700cc Thunderbirds well in the rear fender. This tire is likely to give nearly double the life of the Michelin and Avon. So yes, using an automobile maker tire, but one clearly designed for motorcycles. I personally would not try to put any tire designed for autos on my bike, although I know a few with very heavy bikes who have done so. The contact patch is quite different on motorcycle tires, and there is no tire that I know of from automobiles that will match this requirement. If you ride in relatively straight lines and do not depend on adhesion on curves and emergency maneuvers, and have good insurance, go for it. Otherwise, my advice would be to stick to motorcycle tires designed and tested for motorcycles.
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