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I have a similar view to BMK, per my earlier post. When I was getting advice on this same question last summer, most of my friends with 30+ years experience riding strongly encouraged me to go mid-size with the first bike, even though at the same time they suggested I could likely handle something larger. Looking back, it was the right advice.

For a meager investment (4k or so), you can get a solid used (e.g., 2008) starter bike in the 750-900 cc range. Then you can get a feel for riding, get a better handle on what you like in a bike, and then upgrade when you're ready. And only lose 1k or less when you sell the starter bike. It's like a prolonged rental.

We're not talking about driving SUVs. It's motorcycling, and IMO it's prudent to proceed a little cautiously out of the gate.
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