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Clutch and brake levers - 'T-bird

I have the same problems, made worse by arthritis in the left wrist under the thumb. Working with Mike Selman at BellaCorse, we tried a set from MotoZen that he thought might work, but "no joy". Beautiful pieces and fuly adjustable but had to send them back. He is going to check with a local dealer to see if a set can be made for the 'Bird. These North Georgia and western NC mountains require a fair amount of time in "the friction zone" and cold weather riding with insulated gloves makes this worse.

In the meantime I have received a Moose Racing Easy-Pull Clutch System "thingy". This device is normally used in off-road applications but I am going to take it along with me to the dealership to see if it will work on our bikes. While fairly large and bulky looking, anything that I can do to relieve the amount of pressure required to disengage the clutch would be helpful.

I wonder if maybe enough T'bird riders would send along their thoughts to the manufacturer that they would consider creating an aftermarket set?
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