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It has nothing to do with the type of shocks. I run stock shocks at the #5 setting because I weigh 215 pounds and I do a lot of two up riding with a 120 pound wife. My original Metzler front tire went 18,000 miles and there was no cupping. I replaced it with a Dunlop Sportsmax and it started cupping around 4,000 miles. I am diligent about checking air pressure every Saturday morning. I have to believe the cupping is because the tire isn't balanced properly. The only difference between the two tires? At 1,500 miles I had a tire sealant put in my tires that acted as a balancer as well. The guy removed the wheel weights upon installing it and I got more mileage out of the tire than most others did. He has since been bought out and the new owner does not carry the product, but I am still searching for it. It was a white, epoxy looking product that spread out inside the tire as it heated up. Clean up when changing the tire was minimal as it stayed attached to the rubber and not the wheel.

My only other thought would be weak fork springs allowing the tire to rebound off the road surface instead of maintaining contact.

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