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Suspension Issue...possibly

Hey all...

I have a 2010 Triumph Tbird. I picked it up used. I've had it for nearly a year.

The owner before me put on Progressive Suspension. There isn't an application from Progressive for this bike, so he used shocks that were supposed to fit a HD. Same size and weight bike.

Anyway, I was talking to someone recently. We were talking tires. I told him how, because I wasn't as diligent about my tire pressure, my front tire started cupping. And now that I have new tires on the bike.

Once we got around to talking suspension, he said that he believes that my tires started cupping not only due to the tire pressure but because my rear suspension is lowered.

He suggested that I slap on my stock shocks. He said not only will the bike handle like it was supposed to originally, but it should help with the tire situation.

Can anyone back this up...could use a little help from the crowd.

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