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My 2010 Thunderbird SE 1700

Great bike. I wanted a cruiser and that's just exactly what it is. At the age of 72, I was exhausted after a 350 mile day on lighter bikes, quicker-handling bikes. While it doesn't have the lean angle of a Street Triple, Daytona or Thruxton, I don't even care since I have stopped leaning that far anyhow :-)) It goes through the twisties exactly where I want it to go and cruises effortlessly at 70-75 mph.

Considering that I had both a T100 and T120 "back in the old days" (mid-late 50's and early 60's) and then an 2006 America, along with some other bikes in the middle, this is by far the best overall. And, The Motor Company doesn't make anything even close :-))

My really big wish is that they had made the clutch and brake levers adjustable. I have relatively small hands and arthritis in the left wrist right under the thumb and the "reach" for the clutch is substantial. I also had the dealer-installed big bore kit added to my 2010 SE and that changes the clutch springs to a stiffer version. When riding in colder weather with the thicker insulated gloves, the "reach" becomes even more difficult. Thankfully, with this much torque, up in the N. Georgia mountain twisties, I pretty much just stick it in 3rd and leave it there.

This bike has about 10k miles on it now, my having taken delivery at the end of October, 2010 (I traded the '06 America). Of that, I put about 8250 on it last summer and wore out a set of tires. Several different multiple-night overnight trips.

My only other wish is that tire mileage was better than the approx 6k on the rear and 8k on the front that I have experienced so far. And it appears that both Avon and Bridgestone now have tooled up with these tires sizes so Metzeler no longer has an exclusive.

Love it bike. Will ride it until I hang up my spurs for good.
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