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Originally Posted by DrPat View Post
Hi John, yeah, I managed to fit the RH footboard without draining the brake system or anything, and it is fine still 11,000 kms later. It's a little awkward, but, with care it can be done OK. I think the hardest bit was getting the master cylinder off the back of the original footpeg bracket (Instructions, p. 8, no. 21-22)- you've just gotta hold the reservoir upright and not bend or stretch anything too much - just maybe crack the 2 bolts holding the master cylinder before disconnecting the bracket entirely from the bike and don't wrench anything too violently. A spare pair of hands would help (though I managed it on my own).
It is fiddly, but probably if I can do it without wrecking anything, anyone can; helps perhaps to know it IS possible...? - good luck
Thank you DrPat much appreciated, ....

I should have asked earlier with my previous technical request post, but I bought my footboard kit from E-bay and when I finally got around to fitting them I noticed that the spacers between the boards and the scrapers were missing.

What do the spacers look like/made of do I need to buy some or can they be knocked up by an amateur ?


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