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Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm just a little gun shy about getting such hoss of a bike like the Bird. Like I said I thought the America/Speedmaster was the bike I was going to get. When I got to the Triumph dealer he told me to sit on the ThunderBird. My first thought was no way, too big of a bike for my limited skills, but I sat on it and WOW it felt right and I was standing the bike up with no problem. I then went and sat on the America and my first thought was that I felt cramped and squeezed on the bike. The dealership manager said the same before I even mentioned anything about it. Of course he maybe just trying to sell a bike.
I know I haven't ridden a motorcycle in many, many years and never a road bike, but I know my limitations and am well past my 20's and the need to go mach 3 everywhere I go. Call me crazy but I think I may, just maybe might be able to keep from killing myself if I get this bike, lol. I tell you it's such a beautiful bike and I just can't stop thinking about it. Thanks for all your comments and please keep them coming and any other tips you may think of.

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