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Originally Posted by thmoze View Post
2. Good point about the attitude...I find myself caught up in it at times...can't help myself. Tbird absolutely the best motorcycle I have owned in my 40 or so years of riding..but I do try and respect everyones choice of ride...After all, we all ride for different reasons and that is what is important....If I didn't ride I am sure I would be in some therapist's office trying to figure out why my dog hates me!!
It is easy to get caught up in and does not stop with motorcycles. There is also the "My Triumph website is better than your Triumph website" attitude. When does it stop? Sure there will always be the schmuck in the group, but that does not mean all riders of that brand are snobs. I ride with about 40 different veterans that ride about 8 types of bikes. It does not matter what they ride, but that they ride.

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