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Just one comment on the matt black....I had a blue/white 1600 for 2 years and traded it in on a matt black storm last month.......Almost got scared off by all the negative posts on the paint..I just came back from a 700 mile trip to Redding Calif from San Jose...Went through the "bug capital of Calif" and when I got home the bike look like some kind of art project....pelted with a good assortment of the little critters....Sprayed it down with Windex, let it set, lightly wiped with a microfibre and it looks perfect. 20 min job...With the blue/white it would have been over an hour of wash, dry, polish, wipe,wax,wipe etc. DO NOT let the matt finish bother I guarantee you will get many more compliments on how good it looks...Go for it, you will love the bike (must add--short tors and air filter kit--WOW.....)
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