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The paint in general on the Thunderbird scratches very easily. This is due to the environmenal regulations in place where it is built. Since Triumph can't use the right solvents in the process the end result is a softer finish. The colors that look the best are the lighter colors as you can't see the scratches as easily. On the Storm whether you go with the gloss or the matte you are going to see scratches and blemishes. I think the matte would be worse though as any little smudge or fingerprint is going to stick out.

As for the crash/dresser bars I have them on the front. The hug pretty close to the bike, so no issues there with scraping. I don't have highway pegs though.

Every dealer is different regarding price negotiating. My advice there is keep a close eye on the extra fees. A nice discount off the price can easily be added back on with all the miscelaneous bull$h!t fees.
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