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Originally Posted by kurbennett View Post
Ok wise ones, need some thoughts here. If the Birds is completely cold, when I start it I get a loud rattle on the right side (as you sit on it) of the engine. The bike starts ok, but the rattle is there for about a minute, gradually growing quieter. If the bike is warm the noise is not present. It seems to run ok otherwise. Any thoughts on what it might be?
if its one side only you might have a sticky decompressor. put a long handle screwdriver against the exhaust end of your cam cover and the other end against your ear and check if thats the source of the rattle. mine rattles for a few seconds but its a general noise like loud tappets, this is ok.
could be a cold chain tensioner, check out where the noise is coming from more accurately by uising the driver to pin point the source
as its a new sound just because it runs ok when hot doesnt mean its ok, i read of a lad who ran his with a broken decompressor and only found out on the big service, the end of the cam had snapped.
if this is a new sound its worth getting it noted with the dealer just incase you need it fixed under warrenty
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