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Exclamation Standard Seats vs. Long Haul Seats

Ok, yesterday my long haul seat arrived and I fitted it today. There were a few disappointments on the way, but overall not too bad. I have done some photos to show you the difference between the seats.

First though, I was glad to see the new Long Haul seat has a place to store the Suspension spanner, as does the standard pillion, but disappointed to find that the Long Haul pillion seat has no facility to hold the manual and service book, which is lame

Anyway, to show how the Long Haul pillion helps the "too far back Sissy Bar" problem I took some pictures.

This is how the Standard Pillion looks. Note the position of the back of the seat padding and the fixing screw...

And with the Sissy Bar it stops well short of the backrest...

Note too that the Long Haul Pillion does not work well with the Standard Rider Seat, it leaves a big gap...

I do have the Long Haul Rider Seat which fits beautifully with the Long Haul pillion so no worries for me there, but... when I fitted the new Long Haul pillion seat It did not fit well at all. The rubber feet that should sit on the fender were all 5mm or more above the fender, and the seat could rattle up and down at the front (bracket) end by a few mm, not good...

To improve the situation I removed the seat again and with a long nosed vice grip bent the rear fixing flange up a bit which lowered the rear rubber feet onto the fender. To lower the front end at the bracket I found some small nylon tube and split a couple of short lengths and fitted them in the bracket as spacers to take up the play and prevent the rattling...

They could probably have been a bit thicker, because there is still slight play and a slight rattle if one shakes the seat. But the forward rubber feet are almost on the fender and certainly sink to it with someone sitting on the seat.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

With the seat on you can see it extends much further back than the Standard pillion seat, note the position of the back of the seat relative to the fixing screw now, the back of the seat is actually further back than the fixing screw...

And of course the seat is very comfortable with the Sissy Bar now (my girls tell me)...

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