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Originally Posted by Deanno View Post
I've taken three test drives, one with the 1600 and two with the Storm. No doubt that I was sold immediately. Just wondering if I'll miss the America once I have the Storm. Can't wait to have one!

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I traded my America in for a Bird about 14 months ago and have no regrets although I do miss the America and would love to have kept it.

Really like the Bird (particularly after a BB kit install) and would probably buy one again if the need arose. I do have few niggles but I am sure there are no perfect bikes

Here are my niggles

I have a pretty consistent tapping noise at low revs when the bike is warm - have had valves done but it did not fix the problem.

I wish the bike had an external frame so it could be easily and safely lifted on a scissor jack.

The paint job is not great and scratches and marks easily

I would be nice if the bike was a bit lighter - its a bit of pig to push or "paddle" and if you make a mistake and park it nose in with sloping curb you might need assistance (as I did) to push it back on to the road - very embarrassing

I don't like the position of the speedo etc on the tank - you have to take your eyes off the road to check it and in certain conditions the reflective glare can be very distracting.

It would be nice to have a bike with a wider choice of aftermarket accessories - the downside of this is the bike wouldn't be as "exclusive"

All in all these are pretty minor niggles and it's a damn good bike
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