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Just got back from a 3,800 km (2,360 miles) 10 day trip 2-up to the top end of NZ (I live near the other end) - unbelievable bike!!! Mile-eater, and extremely capable at almost everything. I fussed around tyre pressures and checked a few nuts and the oil, but nothing really to worry about; needed a new rear tyre in Auckland, that's all.
Now I'm back at work I'm withdrawing from TBird riding (as is my wife!!) - commuting on my weeny Bonnie or Scrambler just doesn't feel the same - what the hell..!!?? Yeah the TBird is something else, 14,000 km in 11 months and she's JUST feeling loose and quiet. I met a bloke up nrh with one and we exchanged notes - he had 63,000km (c. 38,000 miles) up on a 2010 1700 with no problems - a good omen, and I know some of you guys in the States have some big miles already. Regret? not on your life! Must be one of the best bikes I've bought in 41 years of riding - cheers, Pat

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