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Where ABS shines is on wet pavement and through patches of standing water on the road. You can stop very effectively and keep the bike vertical under those conditions. That said, you cannot be protected from stupid just because you have ABS brakes. I put on and broke in the Michelin Commander 2 200/55/17 V-78 tire on the TBird 1600, and it has as good or better wet pavement performance than the Metzeler or the Avon Storm 2 Ultra. The treads on the Michelin Commander 2 are deeper, and aggressively channel water out the sides. That tire, plus the ABS gives me a little better chance of a stop with a good outcome in an emergency situation. ABS does not help you much at all on small gravel or sand, but you can grab a handful of both rear and front brake when and if you need to, and enjoy a nice, fast, still vertical stop. ABS was not an option on my bike, it was included, but if I had only one option on a new bike, it would be ABS brakes.
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