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Had my stock seat "re-done"...

One of the few complaints I had about my Thunderbird was the stock seat was way too "firm" for my liking. I would ride to the rallys and check out the "seat guys", looking for an option other than Corbin, or another "out of the box" seat. [Nothing wrong with those options, I'm just kinda picky.]

Finally found a guy I liked, and watched him do a seat or two. I got a good "vibe" from him and liked his work. After some on-line research, I went back to a local Bike Night where I knew he was set-up. I had him do a "double memory foam" install on my seat, and requested he move me "up" and "back" a bit.

Holy crap-what a HUGE difference! I can ride for hours now and never need to move/adjust my position. The best part was I got to watch him do it, and throughout the process he would stop, put the seat on the bike and ask "how's that?" Seriously, if you can find a guy who will customize your seat while you wait, right in front of you, it's something to consider...
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