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Thanks everyone for your input. I do like the T-Bird's retro-looks and as most of my riding buddies will be on Harley's, for now, I think the T-Bird will do the trick. :-)
Quick background info pertaining to myself;
I started riding at 6yrs on a Cushman Eagle then to a Honda 90, 65' BSA 650, 67' Bonnie, 68' TR6C, MX racing on, Yamaha 250 MX, Husky 450 MX, then short times on a 86' Honda V65 Saber, with test rides on the Tiger 800XC and BMW 1150 GS, and now back hopfully to a 95-04 Triumph T-bird or T-Bird Sport. I am 65 yrs old, 6'4" @ 250lbs, very active with a type A personality. My riding style will be that of two lane roads with twisties, meidum distance day rides and when an interesting dird/fire road presents it's self I'll, give it a go just for fun.

Sence I haven't found a used 96-04 TBird in my area to rest out I have some questions pertaining to the Tbird/TBird Sport;

1. What tires would be best for my type of riding.
2. What mods would work best for my riding parameters.
3. Does the T-Bird Sport have any different charistics, seat height, suspention, that might add to my style of riding.
4. Do any of the 96-04 T-Birds have ABS and is it a necesity?
PS I will not be riding fast power slides on the dirt roads!
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