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Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
..................... ?
Sorry, I should have been more specific, the post above points you in the right direction for a fuller explanation.
Basically the 12 minute tune adjusts your bike for current conditions and riding style. It does work and is a solution for several performance issues.
As the instructions say:
  2. Wait, don't touch anything, until the fan comes on - you will be able to hear it cycle on. If the ambient temperature is cold and the bike is cold as well, it may take what seem like a loooong time for the fan to come on - patience!
  3. Once the fan comes on let the engine continue to run for another 12 minutes (I wait a minute or so longer) again WITHOUGHT TOUCHING THE THROTTLE.
  4. Finally, just turn the bike off. You're good to go immediately after that.
Good luck!

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