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Thunderbird vs Storm

I just pulled in the driveway with my new Storm. Turned in my blue and white TB (you know, the fast one). I had it for exactly two years and it was an early build (built 7/09). It seemed to have every issue that has been reported and invented some of its own (oil leak, brake disc, one cylinder kept shutting down, etc). Dealer was great to deal with during all of this and I felt they were in my corner. The final straw was the belt and pulley. Was in the shop for quite awhile. Bottom line is the dealer went to Triumph and worked me a deal for a new bike. Got a matt black, short TOR's, K&N, mirrors, swing arm covers, and other goodies with very little out of pocket...I am very satisfied that Triumph stepped up and took care of pretty extreme case of production/assembly issues on one bike. When I was between shop visits I really enjoyed the bike, just didn't trust it. I can tell in the 35 miles put on today that the love affair will continue and be even better because my girl got a boob job!!!
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