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Have you tried the 12 minute tune? You're experiencing temperature and elevation changes.
Good luck on your trip. I went to Pruduoe Bay in the Spring of 2010. The last 500miles north from Fairbanks was interesting - the Dalton Highway aka Ice Trucker's highway. It's 500 miles of two lane road; once past the Artic Circle it's gravel or mud for anther 250 miles. Cold Foot is a the only service area; the population there is less than 20 when everybody is home! Then it's 250 miles to Dead Horse (no service) with the 12% slope of Seguin Pass - highest in Alaska - in between. Managed to take a dip in the Artic Ocean - it was early May and the the ice was just breaking up. I was in my 3/4T Ram Diesel pickup; the only bikes we saw on the Dalton Highway were 2 BMWs - one was a Norwegian, and the other an Italian and his wife. We camped together a couple of times.
Have fun and fuel every chance you get! Watch for bear, carribou and bison on the highway.

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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