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Wild Bill
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I was having the same problem when I wanted to purchase my TBird. But unlike most of you I was wanting something different than all of the chrome. I liked the dual headlights for not only looks but for safety. I've always liked as much power as I could get and wasn't keen on tearing the bike down to upgrade the motor so obviously I chose the Storm. Interestingly enough though I wasn't 100% sure even after I told the dealer I'd take it that I made the right choice with the blacked out look. But after getting it home and on the road I love it. I have had so many positive comments about the bike from not only bikers but from non bikers about the bike and the look. I think because it's just different. First it's not a Harley and then the blacked out scheme and most if all its a Triumph!! I have had absolutely no problems with my bike. It's an awesome ride.

With regards to Coneye's post above: if you want something completely different try a Street Triple! Just bought one for something different. It is a blast. Way too much fun!!


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